Radiology equipment planning is a valuable service provided by Architecture for Radiology, LLP. We have provided this service on projects where we are also providing the design services, as well as projects where we are not providing the design services.

Equipment Planning involves managing all or part of the complete equipment specification, purchasing, and installation of all equipment required for a project.

Below is a complete menu of services for radiology equipment planning. The list can be expanded or reduced, depending on client/project requirements.

Equipment Program Development

Equipment Planning, Inc. recommends that at the outset of each project, that we sit down with the client and identify project goals, including clinical priorities, budget, schedule and phasing (if any). Equipment planning services offered in this phase include:

• Initial Strategy and Program Meeting
• Develop Equipment Master Plan. Addressing Clinical Priorities, Budget, Schedule and Phasing
• Technology Assessment
• Develop Overall Equipment Plan

Assess Existing Equipment

A common requirement in the development of an Equipment Plan is to evaluate the current equipment. Equipment Planning, Inc. audits existing equipment systems, to evaluate what should be kept in service (and for how long) vs. what should be replaced. Existing equipment assessment services include the following:

• Identify Master List of Existing Equipment
• On Site Evaluation of Each Equipment Item
• Evaluate Condition/Functionality of Equipment
• Make Recommendation for Maintain or Replace Existing Equipment

Development of Equipment Plan

During this phase Equipment Planning, Inc. develops a detailed room-by-room list of required equipment, distinguishing between new and existing equipment. Alternate specifications are developed in conjunction with the client, to obtain competitive bidding on all equipment where possible. We then create a preliminary budget based on these needs. We also understand the new and evolving interconnectivity issues in the healthcare environment, including PACS, HIS, RIS, billing and other Clinical Information Systems. New equipment planning services offered include:

• Meetings with Client to Develop New Equipment Needs
• Develop Preliminary Budget
• Develop Alternate Specifications to Obtain Competitive Bidding on Equipment
• Make Recommendation for New Equipment Specifications
• Obtain Utility Requirements for All Existing and New Equipment
• Provide Cut Sheets and Technical Data to Engineers

Purchasing and Procurement Assistance

The goals of Equipment Planning, Inc., during this phase of the work, are to obtain competitive bidding on all new equipment, and to make sure that the equipment purchase orders guarantee a match between client needs and the equipment being provided. The most costly part of the equipment planning process is often the purchase of the equipment itself. Equipment purchasing and procurement services include:

• Create Equipment Requests for Proposal (RFPs) to Obtain Competitive and Accurate Pricing on New or Used Equipment
• Manage Equipment Bid Process
• Receive and Analyze Equipment Bids
• Prepare Equipment Bid Analysis and Recommendations to Client on Equipment Purchase
• Draft Equipment Planning Purchase Requisitions
• Manage Contracts and Purchase Orders with Equipment Vendors

Services during Construction

Equipment Planning, Inc. provides required services during construction, as they relate to the equipment procurement, delivery and installation. Equipment planning services offered for the construction phase include:

• Monitor Equipment Vendor Lead Times and Critical Path
• Coordinate Delivery and Final Delivery Schedule of Equipment
• Work with Client Purchasing department
• Monitor the Budget
• Develop a Receiving Strategy
• Manage Move In Process
• Job-Site Reviews of the Medical Equipment Pre-Installation Requirements
• Attendance Of All OAC Meetings
• Coordinate Vendor/Sub-Contractor Informational Exchange Meetings
• Attend All Relevant Client Leadership Meetings
• Coordination Of Medical Equipment Manufacturers’ Installation Time-Lines
• Process for Communicating Changes to the Design and Build Teams
• Process for RFI Communication
• Coordination of Receiving and Installation of All Medical Equipment
• Coordination of All Clinical Training
• Coordination of Asset Tagging and Bio-Medical Inspections
• Coordinate Delivery Schedule
• Coordinate Vendor Demonstrations and Mock Up
• Coordinate Installation
• Coordinate Training
• Change Order Risk Management

Services Post Construction

Post Construction Equipment Planning Services Include:

• Identify Critical Path for all Vendor Installations
• Identify Critical Path for Clinical Training
• Prepare Any Damage and Warranty Reports
• Consultations with Contractors and Movers
• Implement Staff Equipment Training Modules
• Plan for Incremental Installation to Keep The Facility Running Without Significant Disruptions

Project Close Out

Once the project is complete Equipment Planning, Inc. will meet with all relevant staff and vendors to close out the project. We will do a walk through and create a punch list and plan of action. Equipment planning close out services include:

• Room by Room Inventory Report
• Warranty Documentation
• CD of all Collected Data
• Training Schedule