Architecture for Radiology, LLP is the only architecture firm in the world that is focused exclusively on the planning and design of radiology facilities. Founded in 1996, the firm has unparalleled global experience in radiology design, radiology architecture, radiology facility planning, and radiology facility construction. Project types completed include: hospital radiology departments, private diagnostic imaging centers, single modality facilities, multi- modality facilities, women’s centers, and mobile radiology facilities. The firm is based in New York City, but has a worldwide practice.

Our company’s exclusive focus on radiology design, radiology equipment planning and radiology project management, allows us to understand better than any firm in the country the exacting nature of radiology facility renovation. Our focus on radiology allows us to keep up to date with the latest developments in the field in a way that other architecture firms simply cannot do. Our bi-annual visits to the Radiological Society of North America convention, contribute to our extensive knowledge of the latest developments in radiology.

Our breadth of experience with many successfully-completed radiology facility renovations enables us to integrate program, engineering and aesthetics into a functional and visually-appealing facility which will become the highest quality diagnostic imaging center in your catchment area when it is complete.

We are especially aware of where the field of radiology is headed (i.e., which modalities are expected to grow vs. which ones are expected to shrink, as well as how the growth of PAC systems will affect all radiology facilities) and therefore will be able to program and design your facility to allow for future growth and flexibility where we know it will be needed.

A final area of value that we add is the collective experience of the office, which is led by William N. Bernstein, LEED®AP, AIA. Mr. Bernstein is a graduate of Yale University (Master of Architecture), and a nationally-recognized radiology architect with over 30 years’ experience in the design and construction of radiology facilities. He is equally experienced in the areas of radiology design, radiology equipment planning, and radiology project management, and is one of the few architects in the US to have received the Healthcare Construction Certificate from the American Hospital Association. He is a member of the following organizations: American Institute of Architects, Construction Specifications Institute and the Project Management Institute. He is licensed to practice architecture in a number of states and is NCARB-certified facilitating registration within thirty days in any of the 50 states. He has an interest and expertise in green design and is a LEED-accredited professional. In addition, his overall career focus on state-of-the-art radiology facilities is reflected in many radiology design articles by Mr. Bernstein or about the work of Architecture for Radiology.

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